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Hi, I'm Sean O'Connor, a poet and writer pursuing my MFA in Creative and Professional Writing at William Paterson University, where I also work as a learning generalist and where I received my BA in Liberal Studies. Currently. I also work as a writing tutor at Raritan Valley Community College and Mercer County Community College.

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  1. Dear Mr. O’Connor (Sean),

    You appear to be well on your way to be a true Patriot. I got myself acquainted with your campaign and Don Zarn as well. I’d like you to avail yourself of some information regarding the debt. Go to Youtube and watch the video entitled Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, it will unlock your mind. You see all you ever hear about is the budget, which is the expected expenses for the upcoming year. What you DON’T hear about is the receipts which they don’t publish to everyone. Typically there is a SURPLUS that they are sitting on that is not openly talked about either.

    The United States corporation AND all the states are BANKRUPT operating under a Chapter 11 re-organization.

    Also check out Michael Badnarik’s Constitution Class also available on Youtube or at http://www.constitutionpreservation.org

    Good luck on election day!!

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